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Product Overview

C-Free is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++ programming language. With this environment you can edit, build, run, and debug your program freely. Both C and C++ learners and masters will find many impressive functions on it, and enjoy themselves with it.

Whether used as a C/C++ editor or as a stand-alone programming environment, C-Free provides programmers a tool to create, modify, and debug code faster and more accurately.

Product Details
Small, Speed and Simplicity

Although we includes MinGW 5 package in C-Free, as an IDE, C-Free is much smaller than any other ones in industry. The installation file size is only 14MB, and after installed, the total files size in C-Free installation directory is 80MB.

From the instant you launch C-Free you'll appreciate its speed. For quick changes you can launch C-Free, make your edits, and close down in less time than it takes for other IDEs to finish loading. you will experience very rapid response times to keyboard and mouse commands. C-Free provides intelligent inputting assistance that boosts your coding speed by popping up a hovering tooltip. Without makefile, C-Free detects the changed files in project quickly, and build them. When debugging, C-Free integrates with GDB seamlessly, provides you rapid response of tracing.

One chief feature of C-Free is easy to use. C-Free provides you 'start' and 'stop' button to run your program and terminate it. Before running the program, C-Free will deduce whether the program need to rebuild. C-Free uses its intelligence to highlight function name, auto indent while you are typing, insert code template at the proper level. C-Free provides you the ability to dock all windows, hide toolbars and change the coloring of the background, text and symbol types.
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